What Next?

Change is inherently risky – changing direction, changing ways of thinking or acting. But if the direction you’re heading and the ways you think and act aren’t bringing you to a place of fulfillment, peace and joy, a sense of mission, and a feeling of wholeness, then which is more risky – staying the course or taking the risk to step out in what God has for you?

Check-out our “Contact Us” page for ways to connect with the staff and members of RCF.

Here are some other ways you can take a change,  risk a little, that will have big results in the long run:

Connect with Us On-line



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Join Us Next Sunday

Get to know the people of RiverRock and mission we are on is a comfortable, friendly environment. Listen to a teaching, shake a few hands, have a cup of coffee and a chat in the cafe’. The Sunday Gathering starts at 10:00am and gets out at 11:45am.

Come to Our House

At RCF, we like our white building, but think real relationships start in the home, so we invite you to come to one of our home groups to share a meal and really get to know us. If you interested in checking out one of our small groups or missional communities, email us at office@riverrockfellowship.net or call us at 207-622-7031 so we can connect you to a community leader in your neighborhood.